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The Coalition of Concerned Teacher Trainees Association (CCTT) has expressed their displeasure over undue delay in payment of the RESTORED TEACHER TRAINEES ALLOWANCE for a period of six months without any sign of hope.

They are pointing an accusing finger at the current government for its inability to be paying them as promised; though managed to restore it after it was cancelled by the previous government. The disappointment comes in the wake of the numerous promises and assurances given them by the current government.

The leadership of the Association expressed their disappointments in the mother union, Teacher Training Association of Ghana (TTAG), for the failure to champion their course as well as intervening on their behalf.

They have however, publicly declared their intent to hold a Press Conference to announce their disappointments for the general public to understand their plights. The actual day and date for the Press Conference has not been given yet but they have promised to make it available to all the media houses at the appropriate time.

The statement below confirms the story;

Credit: Rachael Asare

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