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Quality Teaching and Learning has been one of the necessary tools for improving education across the globe. Teachers, who are the implementers of educational policies by any government, cannot escape the fact that they needed to be abreast with the current educational system in order to impact knowledge positively into pupils and students put under their stewardship. On that note, past and current Governments have made several efforts to improve the quality and standard of the teaching profession. There have been various interventions geared towards improving their standard of living as well as their academics. The initiative drive to enable qualified teachers acquire a professional license does not apply to Public school teachers only but private pre-tertiaryschools as well. Though the policy faced a lot of setbacks in the initial stages, however, through several deliberations between the Government of GhanaNational Teaching Council, and stakeholders, it was successfully introduced in 2018.

Information gathered by from a reliable source indicates that, the outcome of such an initiative had not been achieved as perceived; the reason being that majority of teachers who had taken the Licensure Exams so far had failed to make the pass mark since its inception.

Trying to find reasons as to why those teachers who are to impact knowledge into their children continue to fail, a meeting was arranged between the Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum Osei and Office of the President. According to the Minister, this year’s story has not been any different as a lot of teachers have again failed to pass even after the pass mark was lowered. The frustration on his face could be seen as he expressed soberly to the president.

Some academia had earlier argued that, instead of separate licensure exams, teacher training colleges and institutions should rather be improved in all aspects to ensure that teachers who graduate from such institutions are up to standard but the government did not agree with their assertion pointing out to the fact that, the licensure exams had proven to be a good practice around the world.

The Education Minister, stated emphatically that, ” The last one (licensure exams) that they did, a report was brought to me that students didn’t do well. They brought me samples, responses, and Mr. President, it is important that we hold ourselves accountable to a certain standard and that if you want to teach, we need to help you to really have the requisite skills to teach. I don’t want to even talk about the pass mark which was set. It was brought so low; yet, some people did not make the cut. For those who were doing resit, some of them were able to make it, and for those who were sitting for the first time, about 78% were able to pass two (2) out of the three (3). But if you look at those who passed all three (3) for the first time, it was about 23%”.

He again stated that, just like those who had to resit and were successful, anyone who had failed would also have the opportunity to resit. He also indicated that deliberations were ongoing between the Ministry and the National Teaching Council to establish a portal that would aid teachers to have access to sample questions beforehand so that they would adequately be prepared to sit for the exams and pass.

However, the President, Nana Akufo Addo maintained his stance on the need for the licensure exams to be maintained to improve the quality standard of the teaching profession. He therefore urged the Minister to use his office to explore all efforts to ensure that all challenges regarding the sector are brought to an end.

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