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David Atuahene is a product of KNUST, 2018 batch of graduates. He got into the European institute of Innovation and Technology scholarship scheme fully funded by the European Union in 2019 to further his studies in Master’s level. This Constitutes students from all over the world and He was one of 3 Ghanaians in this big scheme.

The European Union conducts this program with 6 of the best universities in Europe, selecting unique talents from all over the world but mostly from Europe and each student gets the chance to attend 3 or 4 of these universities.

He has made Ghana proud for his project work winning an honorary award entitled “Best Entrepreneurial potential” in Europe. Selection of awardees to be honoured by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology was highly based on merits and conducted by a Jury made up of European expects in academia and Mr. David Atuahene emerged as one of the top 5 selected    be honored. He was invited to a ceremonial conference where he was given the privilege to share his project with experts of the European Union for discussion.

The ceremony was held on the 1st of October 2021 at the Faculty Club in Leuven, Belgium where the European institute of Innovation and Technology Headquarters is located and all his travels and accommodation expenses were taken care of by the European Union.

In David’s Education outside Ghana he studied and did research in 4 of the best Universities in Europe namely; Queens University Belfast, UK. The University of Torino, Italy, The University of Warsaw, Poland and The Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain.

On the 1st of October 2021, David Atuahene put Ghana on the map by delivering a great project presentation to Experts of the EU and successful graduated from his study with his project winning an honorary award entitled “Excellent Entrepreneurial Potential Award” with his Project that seeks to create a positive impact on Brain health, specifically Brain Cognitive Functions.

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