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Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) apart from its Ringway Campus has constructed additional ultra-modern lecture halls for its students at North Dzorwulu in the Greater Accra Region. Despite the fact that the new facility comes with a well furnished lecture halls, brand new chairs, projectors, a good lightening systems, a strong Wi-Fi for students to conduct research, a serene environment and a security post; management did not make provisions for cafeteria services before allowing lecture activities to be carried out. The situation has been affecting time allocated for lectures. Students have to walk a long distance from campus seeking for a place to buy food and water before entering the lecture hall. Aside that, other students walk out while lectures are in progress if they realize they are either famishing or thirsty. That has been a great worry among the student fraternity.

A couple of students ‘The Student News team’ spoke to express their worry over the issue and pleaded with the school’s management to as a matter of urgency help save the situation. A Level 100 student who spoketo the news team on the basis of anonymity said: “I can’t really tell the difference between this place and Nsawam prisons, even at the prisons they get food to eat. The only difference is that we get the chance to move in and out from campus freely but those prisoners can’t”. A Level 400 student, Akosua, also expressed worry about how the absence of cafeteria services at the premises is affecting her studies and expressly stated how she has missed the Ringway old campus and had wished to join those still having their lectures there.

However, a letter The Student News team chanced on, dated, 20th August 2021 and signed by Assistant Registrar (Public Affairs) – Daniel Machator will bring the unfortunate situation to an end. The letter stated that the institute has established a cafeteria at the Dzorwulu Campus to provide catering services for the community. It further stated, the cafeteria, located adjacent the eastern parking lot of the Dzorwulu Campus, serves a variety of delicious Ghanaian dishes and snacks at very affordable prices. All are entreated to patronize the services of the cafeteria as utmost hygiene and affordability are guaranteed.

Below is a copy of the letter;

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