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When experience meets vision extension becomes the key in development and progress. For many it is simply the setting of themselves at the forefront of the war with the aim of negotiating that which needs to be fought. But for one man it is the time for the fight to stand out, the fight to ripple excellentrecognition, the fight to be the best amongst the rest, and the fight to set the Ghana Institute of Journalism in the external part of distinction with the internal parts of able and excellence individuals emerging from a well defined society of intellectuals. This is plainly the era of extension for Law Kay.

Lawrence Adoku popularly known as Law Kay is a Level 300 Public Relations student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism.He is an author with books ‘Akwaaba’, ‘The Pensioned Love’,and ‘The Promised Love’ to his credit. He has more literary works underway such as “HEART OF A WARRIOR, THE NEW NORMAL and ABLE”. He has won the GIJ EMINENCE AWARDS, STUDENT AUTHOR of the YEAR two consecutive times. 2020 saw him bag External Affairs Rep of the Year, Outstanding Student in Politics and Student Author of the Year.

LAW KAY is the owner and CEO of Proficient Group which includes the award winning student production, LAW KAY PRODUCTIONS, LAWKY FILMS, KAYS BRANDING, KAYREATIVE CONCEPTS, LAW KAYREATION and Universal Gospel Evangelism Team (U-GET). He is a key member of the Infinity Group which organizes GIJ GOT TALENT, COMMUNICATION STUDENTS AWARDS (CSA), TERTIARY GOT TALENT(coming soon) and SODEY(Kids reality show). In GIJ, organized his colleagues to shoot a short film entitled:“THE LAST NIGHT” which educates on drug abuse. He has movies Berma Kokowura, Excusesand ‘Agenda’ as well as talk shows which involve GIJ students. His creative intellect is behind his group’s Creative Cave performance which earned them the second position after a difficult decision taken by the judges.

“Incompetence has been the order of the day…”, you may still remember this quote from the recent Political Communication Competition. His effect as the Campaign Manager made his party arguably; the loudest party in that competition. He is the only student to serve in the External Affairs Commission’s office from level 100 till date and has realized the possibility to extend the office to include all students in finding solutions to all related external issues on campus.

Prior to his declaration of intent in July 21 to contest for the office of the External Affairs Commissioner, he made available some external opportunities which included; The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) recruitment for its ‘DAAKYE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM’ on June 28, 2021. Even after his intent to declaration he managed to secure a 10% discount to students of GIJ who wished to join the upcoming Alliance Françoise French class in Accra which was said to begin in August 9, 2021. He is such an astute leader.

After picking up the nomination forms to contest for the position of the External Affairs Commissioner for the 2021/2022 academic year, he sailed through the vetting by the Electoral Commission of GIJ successfully by taking the second position among his comrades with a 71.4% mark.

As part of the exquisite policies of Law Kay; he has proposed:

Agenda I.O.S

An Internship Opportunity for all Students


To boost Student entrepreneurs by helping them to register their businesses and intellectual properties as well as organizing entrepreneurial workshops for them.


To introduce GIJ media Production to venture into making documentaries, short films, content creation, etc.


This policy seeks to draw entrepreneurs and all creative minds to the External Affairs Commission to assist them via training and competitions. This policy also seeks to help student entrepreneurs to gain sponsorships and contracts.


The External Affairs Commission will bring mini vans on campus to transport students from afar, to their vicinity safe and sound.


The commission will bring on campus, savings and loans firms or a bank to facilitate students’ savings and also grant loans for students to pay their fees on time.


The commission will draw a roadmap after the SRC committee’s report, for GIJ to take its place in NUGS and GUPS.


Form Hostel Operators Association and Hostel Management Commission to supervise operations of Hostels and ascertain safe and accredited Hostels for student.

Communication Competition

The commission will organize communication studentschallenge where participants will benefit from scholarships, employment and internships through collaboration with Alumni Association.

The Google Policy

The Commission will scan and search around for opportunities for students to make advantages out from it. This will include trainings, scholarships, business opportunities, etc.

These policies are undoubtedly the relevant wisdom and knowledge which can immensely build an extended external capability of the External Affairs Commission of GIJ. And this is the time to extend the innovative policies of the office by choosing Experience to handle its affairs.

The LAW KAY’s ERA OF EXTENSION, let’s make it happen





Prepared by: Sarah Ofori

 Leader, Junior Editors

The Student News.

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